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My Name is Steve Shoaf,  I wear a lot of different hats… I’m a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Webmaster, Photographer, Videographer, Techie, just to name a few. is my personal website and digital playground that I built to showcase my…    Portfolio of my creative work.

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be a Designer

Tweet 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be a Designer July 20th, 2010 by Chris McConnell | 71 Comments | Stumble It! Delicious Did you know that becoming a designer is relatively easy? You go to school (some people even skip that part), you interview for a job or start your own […]

Lovely Ads For Inspiration: Creative Ad Awards

Creativity, no matter you’re a designer, developer, photographer or .. can help you get inspired easily. To see the talent in “many different areas together” (graphic design, copywriting, packaging, etc.), advertisement are great. Creative Ad Awards is an impressive showcase of beautiful advertisements with over 1500+ items that’s growing regularly. […]