Hello, my name is Steve Shoaf.
Steve Shoaf

I was born and raised in New Castle, PA.
I moved to Pittsburgh in 1998, to attend the
Art Institute for Graphic Design, and I have
been here ever since.
I have been described as a “sponge” by some
of my friends, meaning that I “absorb” anything
I’m around.

In other words, I have a knack for picking things
up quickly, and I have a voracious appetite for
knowledge. I love learning new things, in fact,
one of my favorite sayings is
“Learn Something New Everyday”.
So, to make a long story short-er, I have all these
things I do, or that interest me, and I needed an
outlet for it all… so here we are.

I love art, music, photography, science, technology, and life.
And I figured what better way to share it with people, then to
build a “one stop shop” to showcase all the stuff I love and do.

So here it goes, I hope you all like it…
Let me know what you think.

Also check out my company site, if you haven’t already…
Macrodo Marketing & Design.

Thanks for stopping by…
Til’ the Future,