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Now that you are a member of my website, you get access to things regular visitors don’t see! My Shop is the first thing, though this will be public soon as I have it fully working. Downloads which will most likely stay members only because I like to share with friends, not strangers, haha. You also get access to my Uploads, so you can send large files to me!¬†For those friends thinking big, I have 50 Gb total space, but that doesn’t mean at one time! haha.

I am also working on building a video system into my site, so I can easily add video to my site, and you can share videos with my site too, cool I know!

By joining, you can help me test new things I create, and share in things no one else can!

Thanks for being a friend.

Steve Shoaf


If you are a client of mine, you can view your invoices, past and present, on the right side of this page. If you don’t have any invoices, then you will not see any.

Thanks again for joining, more members only stuff coming soon!